To an Impromptu and Amazing Hair Treatment Jan 14th, 2020   [viewed 4 times]

I was in Lucknow last week for a wedding. I had gone to Leh with my friends for a road trip and was returning from there for the same.  It was a long journey and I was totally exhausted. Also, since we were running late from our schedule, we had to travel the whole route in one stretch. By the time we reached there, my hair and skin were almost similar to that of a caveman. We reached late night and I had no time to go to the salon or even get my hair done for tomorrow. I was feeling a little skeptical if everything was going to work out. So my paranoia made me Google a unisex salon in Lucknow for various hair and skin related treatments. Of course, it had to be from a professional and not only that I did not want an immature to treat my hair because it is bad for the long run. I was looking for a hair expert in Lucknow who will give me the desired look I was going for. My friend, however, insisted me to go to the city and explore some salons and she also told me to go with my gut. FYI, Women have a strong gut feeling.

The function was to be held in autumn and so there was no issue of high temperature or humidity that would have made my hair look frizzy again. I was going for a permanent hair straightening along with a Keratin treatment because I thought to myself, “why not?” My friends and I left early because the boys had to come back and help uncle with the decorations and arrangements. Initially, I was confused between Keratin treatment and straightening and thought I’ll just do one of those, but I decided to get both the treatments for an unbelievable offer. For those who are wondering what a keratin treatment is, I will be happy to guide you through it. Keratin treatment is a chemical process that smoothes and shines frizzy hair resulting in smooth hair up to six months. There can be several different versions of this treatment that go by different names but you can choose whatever suits your hair texture and hairstyle. Moreover, it needs a professional to do such delicate work. Your hairstylist customizes a blend of the formula to suit your needs and as the treatment is going on, (s)he may release formaldehyde when heated.

I was lucky enough to find a salon that did amazing keratin treatment in Lucknow.  That keratin treatment dived into my hair follicle injecting porous areas with keratin which is an essential hair protein. This made my hair appear healthier because they really were. All I had to do was straightening and thankfully the same salon offered an equally amazing hair straightening, saving me lots of time and effort to find another salon offering hair straightening in Lucknow. Even though everything was in haste, I was very proud it came out to be perfectly well and the most important part was they used excellent products. The wedding was amazing and we rocked the occasion with our equally amazing outfits that glorified our hair and marked our presence.