Tips for Different Makeups for Every Occasion Feb 12th, 2020   [viewed 3 times]

The engagement ceremony is considered to be the first impression which should be considered equally as important as the wedding. Engagements are considered to be the perfect occasion for you to doll up and look glamorous. Your outfit must match your makeup and it should look spot on during the whole ceremony. There are several makeup tips that can get you a long way and you can absolutely go all out with your experiments and ideas. Weddings can still require you to go a little traditional but one can definitely experiment on the occasion of engagement. The kind of makeup you choose has a lot to do with your outfit and needs to be in sync when it comes to the color schemes. There are lots of ideas that you can consider for your special day and if you’re just attending the function as well. I took my niece to a wedding and we went to this salon for her makeup and in my opinion, they did one of the amazing engagement makeup in Lucknow. The same salon also claimed to be one of the best when it came to bridal makeup in Lucknow. The most important thing here is to follow expert advice. If you're planning to hire a professional makeup artist then you have to choose the very best in the business and take down notes to ask them what you really want.

You can go organic for your unique look and use organic products for cleansing, moisturizing and even applying organic products. Multani mitti and turmeric are some examples that can help you maintain the glow without damaging the skin. Minimizing the use of cosmetics by not using excessive foundation and lipsticks too can also reduce the effect of whatever beauty treatments you’re opting for. While working on the skin from outside, it is equally important that you also take care of it from the inside. Keeping yourself hydrated can do wonders for the skin. You will begin to notice the difference when you begin intaking water regularly and keep your skin hydrated.

Going for the eye makeup requires professional expertise. You can choose to go for a light eye shadow that matches your dress or you can all out and experiment with colours. I had one of the most amazing experiences with one the champion in the makeup industry whom I consider one of the best individuals for eye makeup in Lucknow. Also, my friend had booked the same salon for her wedding because they had given her some amazing pre-bridal packages in Lucknow that she couldn’t resist saying YES. I am guessing that’s the second time she couldn’t resist that.