Get Rid of Frizz with Hair Treatments Mar 25th, 2020   [viewed 3 times]

Travelling can be hectic and if it’s about beauty and salons it can be a tedious job to find the perfect one in an alien location. Well though I am not a traveller myself when parties and celebrations call who can reject them. Recently, the wedding of my closest friend prompted me to go and visit the beautiful and Nawabi city of Lucknow. Wedding is all about great outfits and extravagant makeups. As said by Coco Chanel, “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” So to attend this wedding the main prerequisite was to find a good beauty parlour. Since I was in Lucknow I was sure I would find great beauty parlours. So I went on Google and searched for the best beauty parlour in Lucknow. I was amazed by the number of beauty parlours that have opened up in Lucknow and after reading good reviews of a fancy looking parlour I decided to get dolled up from there.

Well, you must be very well aware of the phrase that “A girl doesn’t go without her gang”, in school we never went to the washroom alone so it was impossible for me to go to a parlour without my best friend and the going to be the bride. Now bridal makeup can be a tricky thing, too less make up you look like a random girl attending the wedding, too much makeup you shine like a chandelier. Well so for her I searched the best bridal makeup studio in Lucknow, to my surprise, Google also recommended me the same parlour I was going to, well that parlour is well known for bridal makeups. When in the afternoon we went there I had a chat with their bridal makeup artist and to my utter astonishment, I got to know that in a day he gets like 3-4 brides. The bridal make-up artist is very well known in the whole of Lucknow city. Well, I won’t disagree when he was done doing her make-up she did look like a complete doll to me, I could see that the make-up artist had an adept at doing makeup and handling brides. Well seeing her look so pretty I was confident that I would look pretty too after the make-up. Well, when I was done with my make-up I was happy to see that I looked exactly like I wanted to look, neither too tacky nor too dull.

At the parlour, I also came to know about their pre-bridal services. I was surprised to know about the extensive services they gave at not such a high price. It’s always good to get quality services at low rates. Well then ended my little trip to one of the best beauty parlours I have ever been to. I knew I won’t ever visit Lucknow all by myself, but still, this beauty parlour had my heart, well as they say you find the best things at the most unexpected places.