Choosing the Right Makeup for the Occasion Feb 5th, 2020   [viewed 4 times]

We all find it very amusing to garb ourselves in all sorts of attires. From pretty and dainty to bold and glam you might have garbed all sorts of looks and all kinds of makeup. But when it comes to being a bride, the whole getup is taken a notch further. I had a chance to closely observe what it’s like to have that perfect engagement look and let me tell you one thing, it was not easy.

It was my sister’s engagement and the ceremony was to be held after a week. We were looking for the top-rated salon that did the most phenomenal engagement makeup in Lucknow. You may wonder as to what importance does a beauty salon hold? You can just Google the best beauty parlor in Lucknow and walk right in. Well, the main difference is the quality of the products each salon uses along with a professional approach. If you want to look flawless without worrying about your makeup or hair, I will suggest you spent some extra bucks. So, the day finally came and we went to the salon where they examined her skin for any allergies which I honestly considered quite thoughtful. I mean, it hadn’t occurred to me that one might need it. Nevertheless, we took the whole package since our neighbor had referred the same salon claiming it to be one of the best salons that did eye makeup in Lucknow. Engagement makeup is usually not considered a heavy makeup routine but rather in-between that. Since it’s neither as light as party makeup nor as heavy as bridal makeup it was done by using basic products using specialized techniques. However, it depends on a lot of factors and when you’re going for such makeup you need to remember how careful you have to be while choosing the perfect look for you.

My younger sister, on the other hand, was going for party makeup. She wanted bright colors since her complexion is fair. She went for a light makeup that matched with her emerald green saree and complimented her hair color. All it takes is the right blush, long lashes and a light smokey eyeshadow that worked together for a light daytime look. Her party looks easily transitioned into a night look as well. A slight pink matte lip looked soft like the rest of her party makeup. I was pretty impressed by what the stylist had done to each one of them. I would recommend you going to that salon as it has one of the best ideas for party makeup in Lucknow. It was one of the most memorable ceremonies I had ever been to and thanks to the professionalism of everyone, the engagement turned out to be just perfect.